Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy aims to ensure that Tekworx customer’s private information is collected appropriately and used only for the purpose it was collected. Tekworx is bound by the Privacy Act to ensure that customer information is kept secure and not used for any purpose other than the reasons as follows:

The type of information Tekworx records:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver License Number (Customer Identification)
  • ABN’s, ACN and other business identifier
  • Account names and numbers and the information that makes it possible to obtain payments (Banking and/or credit card details
  • Email Addresses
  • Passwords, PIN numbers (including on-line billing password
  • Account information such as usage, bills and payments
If Tekworx does not receive sufficient information supplied by the customer, then Tekworx is unable to provide a service to the potential customer.

Tekworx obtains information in relation to Customers from:

  • Tekworx’s various application forms for different service
  • Other provider
  • Credit check Information resources that are publicly available
  • Tekworx’s agents and sales representative
  • Telephone conversations with customers and emails and faxes from customers

Tekworx uses customer information:

  • To answer customer enquiries
  • To provide information to the customer on Tekworx service
  • To obtain payment where automatic payments are agreed
  • To place orders for a customer’s line (such as an existing line)
  • To investigate and pursue bad debt and possible fraud

Tekworx supplies information:

  • To carriers in the process of provisioning and maintaining service
  • In the provision of directory service
  • To debt recovery agencies as and when require
  • When required to do so by law


How Tekworx records customer information:

Tekworx keeps customer information on its computer servers that are password protected. All of Tekworx’s systems are placed in an area that is not available to the public and all servers are protected by firewalls. Information is split into highly secured information such as credit card numbers and low security information is available online using password protected access; this information is through a secure web connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), with support for 128 bit encrypt.

Customer access to information:

Customers may access information that Tekworx have on file to ensure that it is accurate. If the customer information is incorrect then it will be corrected and updated. Customers cannot access any information that would undermine the privacy of others.

If a Tekworx customer has access to on-line billing facilities to obtain information, it is the customers responsibility to keep their password safe. Through Tekworx’s online customer support system, customers may check at any time the low level security information held in our data base.

People acting on the Customer’s behalf:

Tekworx may give information to people acting on the customer’s behalf once authority to so by the customer is provided; verbal authorization is acceptable for close family members but otherwise written authorisation is required.  The Authorised Representative Nomination form is available here

At no point will personal information or contact details for account holders be provided for privacy reasons. Family members who are able to give the full name and date of birth of the customer may make preliminary enquiries on behalf of the customer.

Note: Customers can arrange alternative identification measures, such as pin numbers and password phrases to be used when verifying account access.

The customer may also nominate a person to be their advocate to act on their behalf whilst the customer is present. The advocate only had authority to act on their behalf or access their information when the customer is present.

Dealing with Tekworx anonymously:

When possible, Customers can make enquiries with Tekworx anonymously.

Use of Customer’s personal information for marketing purposes:

Tekworx will never sell customer information to third parties for marketing purposes. In instances where Tekworx would use customer information for marketing purposes, the customer would be given an option to “opt-out” of any marketing beforehand. Currently Tekworx does not use any personal customer information for marketing reasons other than providing information to customers on Tekworx services. Tekworx may use customer information in the form of company statistics and accounts where no information can be identified as relating to any one individual customer.

Google Online Advertising

Tekworx use the Google AdWords Remarketing service which advertises across the internet to previous visitors to our website.

Google AdWords Remarketing displays relevant advertising content based on which sections of the Tekworx Australia’s website you have visited. This is done by placing a cookie on your machine. A cookie is a small file sent to your browser from a web server to be stored on your computer. Cookies do not allow access to your computer or any data / files contained in your computer. It will not identify you in any way. Google Adwords Remarketing allow us to tailor our advertising and marketing content so it is relevant and suits your needs.

Any data collected as part of our use of Google Adwords Remarketing will be in accordance with Tekworx’s privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy.

If you do not wish to be a part of our Google AdWords Remarketing, you can opt out by visiting Google Ads Preference Manager:

Then go to the “opt-out settings” where you can opt out of all interest based ads on Google and across the web.

What Customers can do concerning privacy:

If a customer has a concern about privacy, a letter or email should be sent to TEKWORX’s privacy officer who will be pleased to discuss any of your issues or concerns.

Privacy Officer
Customer Service Manager

Mail:  Privacy Officer , Tekworx Australia Pty Ltd  Suite 3, 79 High Street , Belmont, Victoria, Australia,  3216